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Posted on Jan 12

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Location: El Segundo, Ca, CA
Job Type: Contract
Job ID: W4150060

Aerospace Engineer ( El Segundo, CA or Dulles VA, or Gilbert, AZ ) TS7911529
12 Month Contract

Pay rate: $65-70/hr more for exceptional candidate

Location: Dulles, VA; Colorado Spring CO; Gilbert, AZ; El Segundo, CA

**TS clearance is an ABSOLUTE must, Secret will not work for this role.
?Colorado Spring CO, Gilbert, AZ, and El Segundo, CA are possible locations that could work. Later this year, Denver, CO might become a possibility. location preference: 1) Dulles, 2) Gilbert, 3) El Segundo, with Dulles strongly preferred.
?Strong GNC skills are required.
?Will support Analysis, Design, and Algorithms (ADA) Group (ADA-NSS.)
?Common keywords to search include: Control loops, algorithms, Monte Carlo analysis, spacecraft or satellite; GNC=Guidance, Navigation, & Control; ACS=Attitude Control Subsystem; ADACS=Attitude Determination And Control Subsystem; attitude determination; space rendezvous; space relative navigation; control system; Kalman filter; simulation analysis; matlab modeling (of this set, at least 2 of the terms are preferable, because "matlab" would bring up lots of hits, most of which would not be applicable otherwise)
? since we are looking for experienced people, we really want to see spacecraft or satellite on the resume; if they don't have that, it's at best a 10% chance for them, although not 0.
? 2 to 8 years of exp the more, the better; will adjust the rate based on experience; anything over 10-15 years is too senior for the work we need to do.
? launch vehicle or UAV exp. will not really work unless the person is in the 0 to 4 year range; they would basically be working as a freshout and would need to have compelling educational background and/or internships related to spacecraft to make up for the lack of directly applicable experience
? Masters preferred but not required if experience is excellent, preferred degree is in Aerospace Engineering

Qualifications: Top Secret/SCI Clearance REQUIRED UP FRONT.
A Bachelors Degree (BA/BS) in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics.
Four years of related experience is required. Experience designing and/or analyzing spacecraft Guidance Navigation & Control subsystems.
Expertise with using MATLAB.
Experience with coding in C or C++.
MS is preferred with 2-3 years spacecraft attitude control design experience.
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