Senior Front-End Software Engineer
Job Opportunity at Stratus Staffing

Posted on Jan 13

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Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4165984


We're hiring world-class software engineering talent to help our infrastructure keep up with daunting growth rates. We are literally working to change the world by revolutionizing the way people use energy.


Want to work on massively scalable consumer systems? Re-invent how consumers use energy? Have a measurable impact on one of humanity’s biggest challenges? You'll work alongside passionate engineers engaged in the design and development of a product that is changing the world.


As a Senior Front-end Software Engineer, you’ll help lead technical direction for all customer facing application and will also lead the way in transforming large portions of our stack to Serverless.


Job Description

  • Help establish the standards for the team in areas of technical excellence.

  • Work collaboratively with Product Management and our UX designers to develop applications that can be easily tested and perform well under a variety of network conditions.

  • Champion adherence to best-practice development methodologies.

  • Design and code appropriate, scalable, and secure algorithms, data structures, and software components.

  • Lead design and code reviews.

  • Facilitate automated testing so all teams can innovate at a rapid pace.

  • Mentor and build skills across the team through effective standards setting, code reviews, and pairing.

  • Tune production applications to maximize efficiency.


  • 5+ years of experience developing complex enterprise applications with JavaScript.

  • Strong JavaScript front-end application development of single-page browser applications.

  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 (including the DOM, markup, and browser APIs) and CSS3 (especially using Sass or similar preprocessor.)

  • Strong skills with writing unit and integration tests in JavaScript using Mocha, Chai, Sinon.

  • Experience with React and Redux, or AngularJS with a FLUX architecture.

  • Ability to work with JavaScript build/task runners like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, and NPM run scripts.

  • Performance optimization experience including browser page rendering, network traffic, and back-end system tuning.

  • Experience with REST API architecture and development especially using Swagger or Apigee.

  • Strong knowledge of Git including version control, branching, merging/rebasing, and pull requests.

  • Solid understanding of MVC architecture and frameworks.

  • Strong focus on automation including Continuous Integration / Deployment especially using Groovy or Jenkins pipelines.

  • Familiarity with distributed systems and federated authentication systems.

  • Good security practices and experience writing code that manages customer data.

  • Impeccable communication and team skills with shared ownership of code and other deliverables.

  • BS/MS in CS or equivalent is preferred.


Bonus qualifications


  • Expertise in browser compatibility and differences, Webpack and tree-shaking algorithms, and/or Canvas and SVG development especially using D3.js.

  • Experience with GIS/Mapping using Leaflet.js, Google/Bing Maps API, GeoJSON and/or other GIS or mapping experience.

  • Experience with 3D Rendering using Three.js, WebGL, and/or other 3D rendering experience.

  • Familiarity with Docker, Serverless architectures like AWS Lambda, and/or DynamoDB, ECS, EC2, S3, SQS, Kinesis, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Athena, Aurora, RDS, SageMaker.

  • Experience in machine learning (especially TensorFlow and XGBoost), deep learning, computer vision, and/or natural language processing.

  • Experience with native iOS / iPad, Apache Cordova or PhoneGap, and/or React Native development.

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