Value Stream Manager (Electrical)
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Posted on Jan 12

Location: Waukegan, IL
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4149929


Reports to Production Manager

Position Overview:

The role of a value stream manager is to understand the entire flow of a product or product family through the company. The value-stream manager is responsible for increasing the ratio of value to non-value, and eliminating waste in the overall supply chain from start to finish, for a defined product family; and for ensuring that the value stream meets or exceeds customer requirements.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Looks after the value stream between the four walls of the plant; and takes into consideration the inbound and outbound logistics to/from the plant.
  • Defining the product family by conducting product routing analysis and appropriate groupings.
  • Ensuring that a current state value stream map is created of the end-to-end value stream(s).
  • Conducting fact-based analysis of the current state map(s).
  • Preparing an ideal state map showing what the value stream could look like in the long term.
  • Preparing a future state map that uses lean DPS techniques to eliminate waste and improve process value.
  • Creating a plan to achieve the future state.
  • Leading the implementation of the plan.
  • Leading and mobilizing the people inside and outside of the value stream to enable the required changes. (Including customers and suppliers)
  • Leading the day-to-day activities within the value stream to ensure that current commitments are achieved while improvements are being made.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Personal Attributes:

  • Must be able to step back and view the value stream from a broad perspective. Must be able to understand the key system constraints, and be able to quickly spot critical process issues.
  • A good level of knowledge about DPS thinking/techniques or be able to work with an advisor with the required knowledge, background, and experience.
  • Must not focus on sub-optimizing the parts of the supply chain, but must concentrate on improving the value created by the whole system.
  • Must be able to enable change, and treat people as valued assets.



  • Must have exemplary leadership abilities, and be able to motivate individuals in the value stream to change - even if their individual areas do not personally receive the benefits.
  • Must be able to coach/train and mentor employees.
  • Must be able to develop employees.
  • Must be able to create, maintain, and implement manning plan at skill level required to satisfy current and future requirements (succession plan).
  • Must be able to implement/maintain standardized work and problem solve.
  • Make decisions based on data, not opinion.
  • Must be open to ideas from employees for improvement and understand the working culture within the value stream.
  • Be able to create and manage a value stream plan.
  • Understand value stream capacity to meet tact time.
  • Must be able to communicate with senior executives to achieve buy-in to major changes, and must be able to communicate the improvement process and gain personal credibility by sticking to the process. Be able to communicate with marketing and sales in regards to sales plans and future demand requirements.
  • Must be able to build and maintain the trust of the employees and executives.
  • Ability to interact with customers and suppliers to ensure that win-win changes are made, while increasing value.
  • Must have an extreme desire to improve - what was done before is never good enough for the future.
  • Ability to convince and motivate other individuals to make change for the better of the company - even perhaps to the detriment of their own sub-processes.
  • Must understand that the core value on the work floor is not the technology it's the people.

Education and/or Experience:

Bachelor's degree (B.A./B.S.) in Electrical Engineering required. Five plus years manufacturing experience and/or training; 3 plus years in a managerial role.

Physical Demands:

Good working conditions. Occasional exposure to elements such as odor, noise, dust, heat, cold or chemicals. Some elements present which makes conditions less desirable than usually found in an office.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to kkozlowski@deublin.com.

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